Lights of Tomorrow

The Devastators

The anticipated 3rd full-length studio album, 14 tracks/70 minutes of original roots reggae and dub with guest appearances by James McWhinney (Big Mountain), Kevin Kinsella (John Brown's Body/10ft. Ganja Plant), and Luis Castillo (P.O.D./Milintica)

The Devastators - Lights of Tomorrow Their debut disc Frontline was plenty impressive. Their followup Better Days managed the not-easy task of topping the first one. Now, with Lights of Tomorrow, this San Diego band reaches and surpasses the bar they set so high. The Devastators' mix of roots reggae, funk and dub has had hometown audiences dancing for more than a decade, and the way they lay down a recorded sound minus any interference from pitch correction or drum machines gives their releases a natural feel that lets the music hit hard and strong. Lead vocalist/bassist Ivan Garzon has a voice that's a perfect combination of soul testifier and reggae mystic, paving the way for guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Brian Teel, keyboardist Alex Somerville (who also expertly produced, mixed and mastered the album) and drummer John Allen to add the rhythmic muscle and melodic hooks that every track here has to spare. Despite their name, the Devastators are more often concerned with edification rather than destruction, as they show on the lovers rock of "Sunshine" and the faith-affirming "I Know" and "Jah Love." Even so, it would be wise to heed warnings like "Shellshock" and "Babylon is Fallen," lest actual devastation be the alternative. The 10 songs here are further enriched by percussionist Eric Hartwell and the guest harmonies of Big Mountain's James McWhinney, ex-John Brown's Body frontman Kevin Kinsella and Luis Castillo (featured on guitar as well) from P.O.D. Plus, in keeping with previous Devastators releases, Lights of Tomorrow wraps up with a few dub versions that bring the inner workings forward and provide deeper layers of pleasure. Get this CD without delay and surrender to the urge to listen repeatedly. -Tom Orr

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